About Leah

Leah Anne Levy is what is known in some circles as a “tortured writer.” Her demons spring from a deep well of pain, and tend to take on the following forms:

Demon 1: An Undying Love for Cookies

Despite having eating habits that are healthy overall, the author suffers from extreme cookie obsession. Though she prefers the classic chocolate chip (soft-baked is preferable, hard baked only in times of desperation and when a glass of milk can be easily located), she does, like anyone else, go through her peanut butter phases, and enjoys a good batch of oatmeal raisin when she’s trying to pretend like what she’s doing is healthy.

This wouldn’t seem like that bad of a demon, except if you were stuck in line behind her at a bakery while in a rush to get someplace, at which point you would find yourself saying things like, “What is wrong with that lady?” and “JUST PICK ONE.”


This is a cookie spaceship heading out to the great unknown in the last moments before it was consumed by the author.

Demon 2: An Inability to Remember Names

The author Levy very much enjoys the people she meets, and really, truly takes a deep interest in their histories. She just cannot for the life of her remember their names. When she first meets people, it’s like the whole of her brain is saying, “This is it! This is when you need to pay attention. The name is coming, so I want you to really concentrate.” And then this other part of her brain pops out of nowhere and says, “Wasn’t that a funny bit they did on TV last night?” And the moment is gone, and another non-awkward time is never to arise.

Several family members have been known to accuse her of not remembering important things they’ve said said as well, but that is merely because she is not paying attention…because she is thinking about cookies.

Demon #3: She Never Lets Things Go

You know who you are, and where you can send the apology cookies. (Just kidding on this one, though apology cookies are always welcome).

But seriously, folks…

The author hasn’t always known that she wanted to be a writer when she grew up. Rather, it was more like she knew she had no other choice. If she could have envisioned herself happily whiling away her days chatting to bosses about progress reports or saying things to people like, “You will just love it, believe me — and for that matter, everyone in your extended circle of family and friends will, too, so will that be Visa or Mastercard?” her life would have been much more straightforward.

But alas, she has been attracted since the very beginning to people and experiences that are, shall we say, a little bit off. Which, as it turns out, is just about everyone, and yet it often takes books and other art forms to make “being a little off” seem like an okay sort of thing. Only then can people who grow up to obsess over progress reports and to pressure customers into buying unnecessary items be enticed to do so while wearing a helicopter beanie, just for fun.

Because we each have our demons, you see. It is the author Levy’s contention that these demons should be invited upstairs for a cup of tea if we’re being civilized, or a warm cookie, if we’re being honest.

So here is a cookie for you, and a nice book to read while you’re here. There are lots of strange characters — that much we can promise — and a seat for every one of your demons. Won’t you invite them to sit down and dine with us?


This photo has nothing to do with this page. The subject is the author’s dog, and it was included solely to manipulate your emotions. Because come on, look at that face!

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