The Book

The Protagonist/Chief Delinquent: Marabel Jenkins

There are a few things you should know about our protagonist, Marabel Jenkins.

Thing #1: She has a habit of rolling her eyes before answering anyone over the age of twenty-five.

Thing #2: She likes pizza.

Thing #3: Her hands have a mind of their own. They tap and they tinker. It’s annoying to everyone — most of all, her.

Thing #4: She’s somewhat lacking on the friend front, thanks to Thing #3, which means she doesn’t quite fit in.

Thing #5: Her hair is pretty much all frizz at this point. If there was someone in her life to love and guide her, they would tell her she’s actually far more beautiful than she thinks, but good luck convincing her otherwise.

Thing #6: Despite all appearances, she’s really trying her best, and everyone should just cut her some slack already.

Thing #7: She’s really easy to get to know, if only you’d read all about her!

The Book: The School for the Intolerably Strange

You’d think that a place with the name The School for the Intolerably Strange would be just that: a school for the strange. Unfortunately, if you thought that, you’d be wrong. At the School for the Intolerably Strange, the rules are so strict, they’re printed out and molded into desks and chairs, so students can’t claim to have forgotten them. Mean robotic creatures called Insult-O-Bots roam the halls, waiting to point out any flaws in the students they pass (like that pimple, or those lopsided glasses, ew!). All with the hope that any student unfortunate enough to be deemed “strange” will reform and transform — into something acceptable, something common, something boring.

If you read up on Marabel Jenkins in the column to the left, you can probably guess that she wouldn’t do well in a place like this. And you can probably guess, too, that this is exactly where she’s been sent, along with every other strange kid who can’t sit still and looks a little lopsided and is UNREASONABLY LOUD and paints on walls and is just, well, not boring.

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