The Book

The Protagonist/Chief Delinquent: Rosie McGee

If you were to ask Rosie McGee what she likes to do, she would say the following:

1) Dump canapés all over the nosy guests at her mother’s dinner parties

2) Slide down the drain pipe conveniently located just outside of her room and dig for treasure beneath the neighbors’ petunias

3) Invent wild things like flying blenders and etcetera

4) Hang out with her best friend, Ferris Finkelbottom, who is the only person in her world who understands why inventing wild things like flying blenders and etcetera is any fun

This might sound perfectly normal to you, but unfortunately, these are all very much banned activities for girls living on Little Laurel Lane in the year 2057. And so, just as much as you will find Rosie McGee tinkering in the dirt with a smile on her face, you will also just as often find her running from the authorities (her parents) and hiding all that she finds beneath the floorboards in her bedroom.

Yes, it feels to Rosie McGee as if she was made for another age entirely—any age, really, that isn’t 2057 and 12 years old.

The Book: The Not So Bright Future of Rosie McGee

Everything is nice and normal on Little Laurel Lane. Mothers bake cookies. Fathers carry briefcases to work. Girls do the sewing and boys do the sporting. Every home and every person has its neat, orderly space. There’s just one problem: a terrible and mysterious machine called a Nossodonmashin is secreting away naughty children and wayward adults—particularly, girls and mothers who don’t like to sew and cook, and boys and fathers who don’t like sports or carrying briefcases.

However, this doesn’t seem to bother Rosie McGee or her best friend, Ferris Finkelbottom. In fact, being technically skilled people, they’d really like to get inside the Nossodonmashin for a look around—and to escape Little Laurel Lane.

When Ferris Finkelbottom disappears, however, things get a little more sinister. It’s up to Rosie McGee to find her friend, right what’s wrong in the world, and decide whether or not everything about everything should change. Just a little task for a girl with a Not So Bright Future, like Rosie McGee. Will she be up to the task? Read the book to find out!

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